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The Best Interactive Learning Platform for PreK-5

Students fully express their learning on Seesaw

Students Fully Express Their Learning 

Multimodal tools open a clear window into students’ minds. Drawing, video, voice recording, and more grow as students grow – from pre-kindergarten through elementary grades and beyond.

Family engagement soars with Seesaw

Family Engagement Soars

Intuitive communication tools build home-to-school connections. Built-in translation in 100+ languages empowers all families to participate in student growth.

Research-based curriculum for ELA, math, computer science, and more

Research-Based Curriculum Supports Your Vision

Seesaw Lessons strengthen what you’re already doing. Aligned to your core curricula and standards, Seesaw Lessons are ready to assign in Seesaw.

Progress monitoring on Seesaw drives outcomes

Progress Monitoring Drives Outcomes

Capture the entire learning process as it unfolds. At-a-glance usage and mastery data make it easy to target instruction. See all learning related to an activity, standard, or student in one place.

Professional learning with Seesaw builds confidence

Professional Learning Builds Confidence

Seesaw takes the lift off of schools and districts. From onboarding onward, new teachers get started and returning teachers get excited to accomplish even more.



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