Computer Science Lessons

Support K-5 students to navigate and thrive in today’s digital world


 Teach with Confidence

Everything teachers need is built right in, including printable lesson plans

Increase Equity + Access

Real-world scenarios help students from diverse backgrounds see themselves as computer scientists

Include All Learners

Age-appropriate scaffolds and hands-on activities make rigorous content accessible


Coding and Beyond

Coding is just one of many future-ready skills covered across 5 collections

  • Digital Citizenship: Practice making choices to stay safe, balance screen time, handle cyberbullying, and other 21st century topics

  • Visual Literacy: Interact with, discuss, and create different types of visual data

  • STEAM: Inspire curiosity and connect problem solving to real-world solutions

  • Computational Thinking: Make abstract coding concepts concrete, including decomposition, pattern recognition, and algorithmic thinking

  • Coding: Learn coding, sequencing, and debugging in plugged and unplugged ways


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