Family-Teacher Conferences

Build collaborative partnerships with families and support student ownership over learning

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With Seesaw, students and families are active participants in the learning process. This year, build collaborative partnerships at conferences.


Time to Collaborate

When you connect families on the Seesaw Family app, they see their child’s learning every day. This means you spend less conference time catching up on what’s happening in class and more time working together to support learning.

💡 Follow our planning guide to get more from limited conference time.


Communicate with All Families

Seesaw messaging allows you to share multimedia resources like videos, links, and PDFs that equip families to support learning at home. Plus, translation tools mean all typed text can be translated in one click.

💡 Get all families ready and excited for conferences with our message template. Then, use messaging to follow up conferences with resources and next steps.


Say Goodbye to Stacks of Paper

Keep conferences organized by creating a Conferences folder in Seesaw and adding work that shows strengths, progress, or areas for growth. At conferences, you’ll have everything in one place.

Pro Tip: Teachers using Skills can use Skills view to choose work by standard. In the Skills tab, click ‘Students’ then click a student’s name.


Let Students Take the Lead

Create time for students to reflect on their learning. Take it a step further and let students lead the conversation! The result? Engaged families and empowered students.

💡 Assign this Conferences Reflection activity.




Do these recommendations work for remote conferences?

Absolutely! Whether you're in person or engaging with families via video call, we recommend you connect families on the Family app, give students time to reflect on their learning, and show examples of student work in Seesaw.

How do families view their child's conferences folder?

When signed into their family account on the Seesaw app, families filter their child's Seesaw journal by folder (not available on the web at this time). Families tap the Journal tab > Choose their child > Choose their child's current class > Swipe down to reveal filters > Click Filter: All Folders > Choose the Conferences folder.

Should I use Seesaw at conferences if I haven't connected families yet?

Yes! It's never too late to engage families. If families aren't yet connected on the Seesaw Family app, conferences are a perfect time to make it happen.

What can families see?

Connecting with families on Seesaw is quick and secure. Family members only see their own child's work, or posts their child is tagged in.

Can families see Skills on the Family app?

Seesaw Skills - a premium feature available to Seesaw for Schools users - are only viewable by the teacher. Neither students nor families see Skills ratings. If you'd like to share Skills ratings at conferences, you will need to share your screen.

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