Early Literacy Lessons 

The phonemic awareness and phonics practice students need – the platform they love


Phonemic Awareness Practice

  • Articulation videos model pronunciation of each sound, featuring Teacher Barnes, Sound Hound, and peers

  • Self recordings let students see and hear how they’re forming sounds and compare it to the articulation videos

  • Application activities support identifying sounds in words

Phonics Practice

  • Practice encoding and decoding with increasing automaticity

  • Multimodal tools make sorting, blending, segmenting, and changing sounds engaging and fun

  • Application activities connect phonics to spelling, including dictation practice

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The Perfect Companion to Your Literacy Program


Built on the Science of Reading

Research-based best practices build critical literacy skills with increasing automaticity.


Multimodal Practice That’s Fun

Puppets, songs, games, and interactive tools support online and offline practice that’s as engaging as it is effective.


Equip Families to Support

Articulation videos and built-in home connections give families the knowledge and tools to support literacy development at home.

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