Seesaw for English Language Learners

Support language acquisition and grade-level content, empower students to take ownership of their progress, and engage every family in their child’s learning.


Greater gains in less time

Imagine learning physics in Swahili. You’re more than capable of learning physics, but you’re going to need some help understanding Swahili! When you hold your ELLs to grade-level content standards and provide just-right language supports, they make greater academic and language gains in less time.


Progress made visible

Students show learning with multimedia tools like video, drawing, and voice recording so language isn’t a barrier to showing what they can do. This means you get to see what your ELLs know and where they need more support. Armed with this insight, you can support every student to be their best. Superpowers, activated.


A safe place to practice speaking

ELLs need as many opportunities as possible to practice speaking and listening. But it can be scary for students to try something new in front of the entire class. Seesaw gives ELLs a safe space to practice so they have the confidence to try, make mistakes, reflect on their progress, and try again. That’s how language grows.

Kailey was hesitant to practice reading in English, until her teacher said she could create a video to share with her dad on Seesaw. Her face immediately brightened. She couldn’t wait to make a video of her reading! Watch Kailey's post to see how a safe space to share can make all the difference.


Reach every family in their home language

Language barrier? Not with Seesaw. Seesaw messages can be translated in one click, so you have the tools to open two-way communication with families, and families have the tools to participate fully in their child’s learning. Learn more about family communication features in Seesaw →


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