Family engagement centered on learning

Families get a clear window into their child’s learning and become co-owners of outcomes

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Open a clear window into student learning

From video reflections to hands-on group projects, students of all ages are empowered to add work to their journal for family members to see.

Student uses multimodal tool to show learning
Family engages in learning

Engage families as partners

Enable connected family members to like and leave encouraging comments on their child’s posts. Student motivation soars when they have an authentic audience for their work.


Support ongoing communication

Teachers share photos, videos, links, and files in private messages or whole class announcements. Perfect for newsletters, weekly recaps, and reminders.

Teacher communicates with learning community
Parent and child engage in learning at home

Reach all families — in their language

Help break down language barriers with translation in 100+ languages. Any text written in Seesaw can be translated at the tap of a button by both teachers and families.


Start working together to elevate learning

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Turn on Messages