Seesaw for International Baccalaureate® (IB) programs

Explore how Seesaw is the ideal digital portfolio for IB schools

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Unlock creative thinking

Support learner inquiry central to PYP and put the power in their hands. By choosing from a variety of multimodal tools (like video, drawing, voice recording, and more!), students can record both physical and digital learning in a portfolio.

One of the best features of Seesaw is that it is accessible to all learners. This gives children who may have difficulties expressing themselves through written methods an opportunity to show their understanding and development.
— Tim Stroh (PYP Coordinator, Berlin Metropolitan School)
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The perfect PYP portfolio for the years

Seesaw portfolios follow students for their entire journey at your school — ideal for PYP Exhibitions where students reflect on and celebrate their development throughout the years.

Seesaw is an app that can be genuinely transformative. Whether building a product, process, or assessment portfolio Seesaw can be used to enhance the content, presentation, and creativity of all portfolio types.
— Niko Lewman (PYP Coordinator at International School Mainfranken)
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Easy formative assessment

PYP standards are already in Seesaw! Seesaw offers a powerful and authentic process for assessing student understanding. Record, measure, report, and leave feedback on student progress.


Involve families in the learning

Students add work to their portfolio where family members can see it and leave comments of encouragement. Get the whole family involved by connecting up to 10 family members and optionally translating text in over 55 languages.

Seesaw has provided an amazing opportunity to connect our primary school families with their child’s learning. We have truly enjoyed the increased communication and ease of use for teachers, students, and families.
— Susan Grammatico, Instructional Technologist, Palmyra Macedon Central School District (IB school) 
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Develop globally-minded students

Expand their awareness and build their social-emotional skills by helping students make connections and share their work with audiences outside of the classroom.

IB schools worldwide love using Seesaw

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