Resources for Administrators

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The Admin Dashboard

Log in to your Seesaw for Schools Administrator account to access the Admin Dashboard - your portal to centrally manage and engage with classes, teachers, and students using Seesaw.


Beginning and end of year technical steps

Follow these simple set up and wrap up steps every year you use Seesaw.

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Checklist for success


Back to School


Throughout the Year


End of Year


Premium features to know about

New! Messages

Customize how you communicate with your entire learning community

New! Lessons Library

Research-based lessons propel student engagement and growth – ready to go in Seesaw

Progress Dashboard

Track engagement and mastery and support every student to succeed

Premium Learning Tools

Multipage and Drafts provide more space and time for rigorous learning experiences


Professional development resources

Don’t miss these resources for training and supporting teachers, students, and families.

  • Seesaw for Schools PD: Train teachers to use Seesaw effectively with train-the-trainer materials, asynchronous courses, and live training.

  • Free Training for Teachers: Short on PD budget or time? Teachers join live webinars or watch on-demand to learn the Seesaw basics.

  • Resources for Teachers: Step-by-step guides, materials, and tips for getting started and implementing Seesaw in the classroom and beyond, including student- and family-facing resources in English and Spanish.

  • YouTube Playlists: All on-demand tutorials for administrators, teachers, and families in one place!


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