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Let’s Make This Your Best Year Yet

Expand your reach to engage all students and families in learning with Seesaw

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Set Up for a Successful Year

Follow these 3 steps and watch student and family engagement soar

Explore Your Tools

✓ Create a teacher account and class and add students. Seesaw for Schools users, follow directions from your school.

✓ Click the green +Add button to explore Seesaw’s multimodal Learning Tools.

Assign Activities

✓ Teach students to sign in with our fun videos or printable handouts.

✓ Assign Getting Started Lessons to get students familiar with Seesaw while sharing about themselves and building relationships.

Connect Families

✓ Share this video and/or printable handout to make sign up simple.

✓ Explore the Messages button (top left) to open communication and collaborate around learning in one place.


Let’s Take It Step by Step

Seesaw Learning Hub

Our sequenced Learning Pathways guide you through getting started, effectively integrating technology into instruction, providing actionable feedback, and everything in between – all at your own pace.

Getting Started Guides

Prefer a printable? Check out our Getting Started Guides! We’ll walk you through set up, exploring Seesaw tools, assigning your first activities, getting students excited, and more.

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Check Out What’s New

One Mobile App for All Users

Now, everyone downloads the same Seesaw app! We combined the Seesaw Class and Seesaw Family apps to simplify home-to-school collaboration on Seesaw.

Help families get connected!


Flexible, Inclusive, and Secure Messaging

Look to the top left for the new Messages icon! Everything you loved about communicating with families on Seesaw is there, including one-way announcements, one-on-one conversations, multimodal attachments, translation, and read receipts. Plus, so much more.

Get answers to your top Messages questions.


Preview the Power of Seesaw Lessons - FREE

Check out the Seesaw Lessons tab in the Activity Library. You’ll love what you see! Now all users can try lessons from each of our 19 collections – FREE.

Try lessons for phonemic awareness, computer science, community building, and more.


 Spotlight On… Messages

Schoolwide communication between teachers, students, families, and school leaders is now more flexible and inclusive. Let’s take a closer look at what’s possible with Messages!

  • Choose one-way or two-way communication for every message.

    • Conversation = Replies

    • Announcement = No group replies

      Recipients can privately reply to Announcements. Click the […] three dots > ‘Privately reply’. No option to reply? Your admin needs to enable students and families to start Conversations with teachers.

    • Change the message type at any time. At the top of the thread, click the […] three dots > ‘Message Type’. This means you can turn replies on or off after a message is sent.

    Send messages to individuals or custom groups.

    • Use the search bar to find students, connected family members, and colleagues quickly.

    • Click + Add Classes to send a message to all teachers, students, and/or families in any of your classes at once.

    • Add or remove recipients from a thread at any time. At the top of the thread, click the […] three dots. To add someone, click ‘+Add Person or Group’. To remove someone, click their name > […] three dos > ‘Remove from Conversation’.

      Note: You cannot add someone to a 1:1 Conversation. Just start a new group thread.

  • Labels make it faster to find threads, especially with custom groups.

    • On the top right of the thread, click the […] three dots, then ‘Edit Label’.

    • Like in most other messaging tools (including your text messages), Messages threads appear in order of most recent activity.

    New! Filter by message type (Announcement vs. Conversation) or class.

  • To help families learn how to use Messages, share this printable handout. Here’s an overview of what families can do.

    For Seesaw for Schools users, families can start messages with teachers, admins, and family members connected to their child. So all communication is in one place! Note: Your admin may adjust this setting.

    • Free teachers: Families can only reply to threads you have started.

    Family members can also reply to Announcements with a private message. Remember, Announcements mean recipients cannot reply to the group thread. They can click the […] three dots, then ‘Privately Reply’. No option to reply? In School Settings, your admin needs to enable students and families to start Conversations with teachers.

    • Free teachers: This feature is coming soon!

    Family members can add multimodal attachments to their messages. Like always, they can share photos, videos, and more!

    Like before, family members enjoy one-click translation. Families with a device set to a language other than English have the option to ‘See Translation’.

  • We’ve got you covered! Click below for resources for administrators, teachers, students, and families!

    How to Use Messages Guides

    On-Demand Tutorial Videos

    Learning Hub Pathway

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Need More Help? We’ve Got You Covered 

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