Seesaw Stars

The Seesaw Stars program recruits and trains families (like yours!) to create authentic and relatable educational media for Seesaw Lessons



How it works

  1. Let us know you’re interested by filling out this form (we’ll get back to you shortly!)

  2. Seesaw Stars’ coaches set expectations and guide you through the activities you’re modeling

  3. Your content goes live inside Seesaw and becomes part of Seesaw’s curriculum



You’re in stellar hands

The Seesaw Stars program is supported by two media coaches, Melodee and Reyna.

  • Melodee heads Seesaw Stars and coaches all families, specializing in communication and community building

  • Reyna supports all families and specializes in helping those whose families speak Spanish as their home language

Plus! When you join Seesaw Stars, you join a supportive, thriving community of educators and families like you.

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Meet some of our Seesaw Stars

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  • There is no prior experience needed to join the program.

  • Yes, families are paid for their work as a Seesaw Star.

  • You will not need to have access to Seesaw to be part of Seesaw Stars.

  • Seesaw families help create videos, audios and photos that become part of Seesaw Lessons.

  • Videos are created on the family's home device(s). Devices with the latest software and hardware are helpful for strong audio and clear video.

  • It varies. Media assignments are given out on an as-needed basis.

  • We work with children beginning at age 4 through 16 years of age.

  • We have a video coach who coaches families in Spanish when Spanish scripts become available.


Learning is better with family and friends

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